BAE/RAF Roadshow – lasers, dancing fire, cycle generated electric coat!

Fantastic roadshow from BAE Systems and the RAF yesterday – hope all of our year 7 and 8 students enjoyed it.

Students found out more about what BAE Systems do and how they work with the RAF to provide them with transport and equipment.They discovered how many people work for BAE and within the RAF and about the different roles, particularly in Engineering including how many women engineers they employ. They learnt how important Physics and Maths are for Engineering careers and a little about the scientists/engineers involved in engineering

The “experiments” included demonstrating how lasers work using a smoke machine to show the beams, how a gyroscope works, how nature can be copied to create products eg self healing surfaces for cars and planes like human skin, how the Ruben’s tube can change fire into dancing flames linking it to music on an Ipod, how a “box” producing sound can be used a musical instrument, how a coat can be lit up by someone cycling, how VR equipment works.

The team thought YOU were all wonderful so well done for your behaviour AND participation!