There is a vast range of opportunities available to our students outside of their regular timetable. These clubs, societies and events are on offer before lessons begin, at lunchtimes and mainly after school. Every department aims to provide enrichment so there is something for everyone!

All students are encouraged to make the most of at least one enrichment opportunity and attend regularly through the year. Many students choose a new experience or develop an existing talent or passion.

Students can sign up using the enrichment section of Frog. This is where they can find out about what’s currently available to their year group on each day of the week.

Students involved in an art club

Enrichment Clubs

Our students can take part in a wide range of activities. Some involve multiple year groups whilst others are for specific age-groups. Below is a list of our regular clubs but there are often many more opportunities throughout the school year. There are also educational trips abroad and in recent years students from CLV have travelled to France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, India and the USA!

  • Art Club
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Ballet
  • Basketball
  • Book Club (JLV)
  • CAD/CAM Club
  • CLV Phoenix: Online Newspaper
  • Dance Club
  • Debating Club
  • Drum Club
  • Film Club
  • Fitness Club
  • Football
  • Gardening Club
  • Guitar Group
  • Languages Club
  • Maths Clubs
  • Mini Medical School
  • Music and Theatre Productions – Christmas Show
  • Music and Theatre Productions – Show Band
  • Music Theory Club
  • Netball
  • Orchestra
  • Page Turners (SLV Book Club)
  • Reading Champions
  • Rock School
  • Rugby
  • Science Club
  • Shakespeare Stars
  • Show Band
  • Singing Ensemble
  • Singing Group/Choir Club
  • Sketchbook Circle
  • STEM
  • Student Librarians
  • Teen Gym & Fitness
  • Tennis
  • The Writing Village: Creative writing workshops
  • Trampolining