Specialised CPD programmes

CPD - working with new teachers

CPD – working with new teachers

Induction programme

All staff (teaching and non-teaching) attend a 3-day induction to the school before term starts. The programme covers school ethos, policies and procedures, an introduction to our teaching and learning model and ICT.

New Teacher Programme

The New Teacher Programme support package includes a programme of 7 after school sessions which focus on ‘the basics’ and a weekend residential in November which revisits our model of T&L. Each NQT has the support of a subject mentor in their department and a whole school mentor. In addition to this support, AST time is also available to further support as need arises. Subject mentors and NQTs meet each cycle and NQTs are observed at least once each half term by their subject mentor and at least once per term by the whole school mentor. Heads of department also carry out observations of NQTs as part of their monitoring and evaluation of departments.

Developing Teacher Programme

This group includes all our NQT+1 and new experienced staff to Cramlington Learning Village. This programme has been designed to deepen staff understanding and expertise in our teaching and learning model, including curriculum development. As well as 7 after school sessions, staff in this group also have the support of the ASTs and coaching using in the observational classroom.

Advancing Teacher Programme

A programme of 7 after school sessions which focus on new technologies available to the ‘21st century teacher’. Staff will have the support of ICT experts and our Web Design team to explore and further develop the effective use of ICT in their lessons. They will carry out classroom based research and lead developments in their departments and have the opportunity to bring their work to the wider school audience.

Lead Practioner Programme

A voluntary programme giving the opportunity to achieve SSAT Lead Practitioner accreditation. Workshops are aimed at developing professional knowledge as well as coaching and training skills. Sessions to support portfolio assembly & submission.