Current Governors @ CLV

Our current governing body consists of:

Name Appointment Commenced Appointment Expires Term of office Position
Mrs Wendy Heslop HTG
Mr Jeff McCartney (Chair) 15/10/2016 14/10/20 4 years APPT/MEM
Miss L Heatley 20/01/2018 19/01/22 4 years APPT
Mr P Clayton 31/12/2017 30/12/21 4 years APPT/MEM
Mrs P Gordon 29/08/2017 28/08/21 4 years APPT/MEM
Mr D Warburton 12/06/2017 11/06/21 4 years PG
Ms T Buck 03/06/2017 02/06/21 4 years APPT
Mr M Dunn 02/03/2017 01/03/21 4 years APPT/MEM/LAL
Mrs D Betham 21/11/2016 20/11/20 4 years SG
Mrs D Richardson 14/03/2016 13/03/20 4 years PG
Mrs L Ilderton 06/02/2016 05/02/20 4 years APPT
Mr I Hall 30/09/2015 29/09/19 4 years APPT/MEM
Dr C Davenport 08/06/2015 07/06/19 4 years PG
Mrs T Wright 08/06/2015 07/06/19 4 years TG
Miss G Kirkbride 16/03/2015 15/03/19 4 years Associate Member


MEM – Part of the Membership
APPT – Appointed
LA – Local Authority
HTG – Headteacher Governor
SG  – Staff Governor
TG  – Teacher Governor
PG  – Parent Governor
LAL  – Local Authority Link


Up to 9 Co-opted Governors
Up to 4 Staff Governors (including the Headteacher)
Up to 1 Local Authority Governor
Up to 7 Parent Governors

Articles of Association (Ref: Rules Avoiding influenced company status – point 137)
No person who is a Local Authority Associated Person may be appointed as a Governor if, once the appointment had taken effect, the number of Governors who are Local Authority Associated Persons would represent 20% or more of the total number of Governors.

Senior Leadership Team

Damian Clark – Deputy Headteacher
Jonathan Bird – Deputy Headteacher
Ken Brechin – Deputy Headteacher
Kim Irving – Deputy Headteacher
Malcolm Shield – Interim Finance Director

Governors who have resigned in the last twelve months

No resignations within the last 12 months.

Conflicts of Interest

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Governor Attendance

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