Outdoor Education

We value Outdoor Education and the positive outcomes it provides for personal and social development.

We usuall offer two residential experiences at key points in secondary education. The first falls in the October of year 7, when students are new to the JLV. The second is in the November of year 9, after students have moved across to the SLV. The residentials allow students to immerse themselves in challenging situations as part of a team, where they use effective learner behaviours (our 5Rs) as a basis for success.

Y7-Residential-3Dukeshouse Wood – year 7

Well over 200 of our year 7s choose to join our residential at Dukeshouse Wood every year. Students work in groups of 12 – 15 throughout an action-packed weekend, with activities ranging from climbing and abseiling to Leap of Faith and 3G Swing. Each challenge puts a different set of learner behaviours to the test. This residential cements the transition process for students new to the JLV and allows them to acquire new skills and secure friendships.

Yr8-ProblemSolving-19.jpgProblem Solving Days at Plessey Woods – year 8

We have recently introduced problem solving days for year 8 at Plessey Woods. This experience gives students the opportunity to use thinking skills to achieve success with the help of their home group. Challenges include Spider’s Web, Toxic Swamp, Bomb Rescue, Conveyor, Rollerball and a Knotty Problem! The day allows students to enhance the skills needed for effective group work.

Yr9-Res-3Kielder – year 9

More adventurous experiences await year 9 students who choose to join one of our overnight visits to Kielder for two days of activities during the normal school week. The year 9 residential takes students even further beyond their comfort zones with the introduction of water-based activities alongside others in and around Kielder, such as mountain biking and rock climbing. Students are given increasing independence as their team become involved in the planning of this residential.