Pupil Premium 2018/19

Students and Pupil Premium

Students on roll year 7-11 1723
Number of students eligible for Pupil Premium  380
Total amount of Pupil Premium received £336,600

How we will use Pupil Premium funding

The following interventions, resources and activities will be implemented through the Pupil Premium funding:

Strategy Rationale
English teachers Two extra English teachers have been employed to facilitate increased curriculum time for English and extra classes. Some teachers will work with students in morning intervention time from 8:30 until 9am.
Maths teachers Two extra maths teachers have been employed to facilitate additional teaching groups and additional curriculum time for maths. Under performing Pupil Premium students in year 11 will attend morning sessions from 8:30 until 9am.
Attendance Manager The attendance manager will work closely with students, families and education welfare officers to reduce absence. Attendance will also be overseen by the learning mentors.
Learning Mentors Pupil Premium students receive additional support from the learning mentors.
Maths and English subject coordinators These staff will coordinate activities and track students across both Maths and English departments. Disadvantaged students will also receive additional support from these staff.
English and Maths tutors Key Pupil Premium students will receive one-to-one personal tuition from professional tutors.
Outdoor Education and revision programs Key Pupil Premium students will attend two Maths and English revision weekends, during which they will also participate in ‘high challenge’ outdoor activities.
Music Tuition All students eligible for Pupil Premium who play instruments will receive free music tuition.
  1. Future Me: key year 9 students will visit Newcastle University campus and take part in academic taster sessions.
  2. Peerz Academy:  students from year 10 will receive on-line tuition, with immediate audio feedback, from university students in either English or Maths.
  3. Brilliant Club: key high ability students in year 10 will have the opportunity to take part in the ‘Brilliant Club’. PhD students will work with our students on various research projects. Students will graduate from the program after 3 months.
ICT / Mobile devices Pupil Premium students in year 7 will receive Chromebook devices that enable them to access the curriculum more easily and gives equality of access to ICT provision. Pupil Premium students in higher year groups will also be provided with Chromebooks if they miss the initial roll out in year 7.
CPD The Cramlington Teaching and Learning Conference for staff will focus on Tom Sherrington’s “Learning Rainforest”. CPD will have a keen focus on literacy approaches utilised in the classroom.
Revision Materials Revision resources will be given to all Pupil Premium students in year 10 and 11 for English, Maths and Science and other key subjects.
Disadvantaged student profiles Full profiles will go live on the school’s VLE from September. The profiles will condense all key information into one place, for all disadvantaged students across the school. Mentors will photograph student books in key subjects and add to the disadvantaged profiles, in order to build an evidence bank of current work. This will inform future discussions with regards to student progress.
Parental engagement evenings These evenings will involve the parents of our key students. The meetings will have a focus on English and Maths, the importance of year 11 and the most effective revision techniques.
Reading and Literacy programs Reading and literacy programs will be run with key disadvantaged students who have poor reading and literacy skills.

‘Meet the Author’ events will be restarted by the lead teacher of literacy. Books will be purchased for students who attend such events and reading ages will be analysed to assess impact.

Disadvantaged bidding process Staff members who require pupil premium funding will be required to submit bids. Staff will then be required to assess the impact of the resources provided to the key students.