Y7 catch-up premium 2018/19

The Catch Up Programme

CLV is in receipt of £15,500 p.a. for Catch Up Support for 2018-19

Spending will be as follows:

  • Specialists Staffing of Secure Literacy and Numeracy classes for lowest attaining pupils
  • Partial funding of Lexia programme (literacy)
  • Partial funding of Mathswhizz programme (numeracy)
  • Partial funding of Accelerated Reader programme
  • Additional funding of books suitable for lowest attaining pupils
  • Partial funding of English Transition Project across all 7 Primary Feeder Schools
  • Partial funding of the Maths Mastery Programme.

Phase 1 – Transition to CLV

  1. Catch up students are invited to our Literacy Summer School which takes place in one week throughout summer holidays staffed by English department staff.  This experience is continued throughout the autumn break and later in spring.
  2. English Transition Project.  During the summer term all feeder primary schools participate in a carefully organised reading and extended writing project centred around the novel, “The Unforgotten Coat”.

Phase 2 – Whole School Provision

Pupils are grouped into classes called “SECURE Literacy and Numeracy”.  These small nurturing classes occupy 2 hours per week usually with 1 specialist teacher and support from Teaching Assistants.  There are 38 pupils across 4 classes in Y7 2018/19.  Pupils remain in these groups throughout the academic year.  The curriculum is personalised to the student – often using Lexia programme or Mathswhizz to target specific skills combined with practise of core skills with a clear emphasis on reading aloud to staff.

Phase 3 – Tailored Provision

Readers are also supported in the following ways:

  • TOE by TOE sessions
  • Morning Reading Sessions
  • Reading lessons in English where pupils read aloud to staff
  • Lexia tuition programme.

Mathematicians are also supported in the following ways:

  • Mathswhizz morning tuition programme
  • Maths Club.

Phase 4 – Individual Provision

When Year 11 have left school Catch Up provision once again focuses on small 1-2-1 and group work with even more English and Maths Staff working closely with pupils in Y7 to work on the skills required for the next stages of school.  In 2017-18 the impact of this individual provision was significant for targeted pupils between May and July.

Impact of Catch-up Funding

By July 2017:

In English 100% of Catch Up Students were “On Track” to achieve their end of year target.  15% were judged to have exceeded their end of year target in English.

60% of Catch Up students made over 1 year progress in reading age.

In Maths 96% of Catch up Students were “On Track” to achieve their end of year target.  

Student progress is quality assured through internal assessment procedures followed by moderation and scrutiny, using clear criteria for grading.