Mobile Device Scheme

Welcome to our update page about the mobile device scheme. On this page we aim to keep parents updated on how we are using this technology and ways in which you can help your son or daughter maximise use of the devices.

How are the devices being used?

The devices are being used for a wide range of activities across all subject areas. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to take advantage of what these devices offer for learning. Here are just a few examples of the ways different departments are using the devices:

Create and Media Video camera to record performances, as a music keyboard, animation apps, keeping notes, to make and record reflections for their Create journals.
  • To evidence practical work and upload the images to Realsmart.
  • Online research.
  • Access Frog and all of the great tools available via Frog.
  • As a camera to upload images to class blogs to evidence things like quality team work.
  • Games/Apps such a X-construct (structures theory game).
Languages Online educational games, research, foreign dictionary/thesaurus, blogging, video, voice recording for speaking skills, translator.
  • We have written them into the new year 7 scheme of work about maps in which students use their tabs to orienteer themselves about school using GPS.
  • Alongside laminated graphic organisers/desks. The students use whiteboard pens to fill in the organiser, photograph it and it can then be wiped clean and re-used.
  • Online research with access to the world wide web.
  • Specific historical apps
Science Dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, photos and videos, using the app ‘skitch’ to annotate photos and put onto a website, as a research tool, to play video instruction we give the students.
  • QR codes used for differentiation: plays a different video depending on which code is scanned to provide student input. Students directed to appropriate QR codes.
  • As a media player for videos, podcasts, etc. which we provide for instruction and independent learning.
  • To create a virtual hotel for one of our courses.
  • Use of the app Stiktu (augmented reality app) as an engaging way of providing peer assessment.
  • To research online.
  • Evernote app as a research and note taking tool.
  • To produce and collaborate on documents in google documents.
  • To document draft work with the camera and to request feedback on them from peers and staff via the class blogs.
  • As a sound recording device for reviewing, using a ‘rap beats’ app to create a rap to review learning.
  • To access the learning wall for learning tools and graphic organisers as and when needed.
Physical Education To record performances and then take them back to the classroom to review. Performances also placed on school blog. Students able to watch videos on tactics and see them first hand as they are trying to apply them. The tablets have brought us access to the Internet and VLE we simply could not have before in our environment as and when appropriate.
Drama Creating videos of role plays or to demonstrate understanding, creating and accessing scripts, making notes on scripts.
  • Using the software ‘I am Learning’ to provide educational games where the teacher receives very specific information about how much a student (or class) know about a topic. This is helping to target misconceptions and gaps in knowledge.
  • As a tool for literacy by making tools available to help with writing – dictionary, thesaurus, sentence starters, vocabulary tips.
  • We have created a large library of eBooks to read.
  • As a mini whiteboard (using a whiteboard app)
  • As an instant means of students giving feedback on their progression in a lesson using the traffic lights app.
  • As a scientific calculator.
  • The learning wall to access a range of learning tools.

How can you help to support your child in getting the most out of their device?

Galaxy Tabs - students collaborating on their devices

Galaxy Tabs – students collaborating on their devices

There are some ways in which you can help to support your child in getting the most out of their tablet.

  • It is important that students remember to bring their galaxy tablet into school each day, fully charged. Helping your child to get into the habit of charging the tablet fully and putting it in their bag will help to make sure we can use the device in school.
  • It is also important that your child ensures the tablet is kept in the protective case provided. If the device is dropped and it is in its case there is much less chance of damage to the device.
  • It is acceptable for students to install games on the device so long as they do not allow these to distract them in school. However, we advise that they install only a handful of their favourite games. The more games they install, the more resources they use on the tablet, therefore it becomes slower and less stable. With five to six games on the tablet should run smoothly and quickly. Your support in reinforcing this message would be appreciated.
  • If there are any problems with your child’s tablet, please encourage them to report these problems immediately. We haven’t come across an issue we have not been able to fix yet, however, we have had some students with minor problems who have spent months putting up with them without making us aware. We can sort any minor issues out extremely quickly if we know about them.

 How can you help to keep your child safe when using the tablet at home?

Our school filters are designed to protect your child from unsuitable and inappropriate content in school in order to keep them safe and to ensure responsible use of the devices, however, these filters do not extend outside of school.

There are ways in which you can add parental filters to browsers on the tablet and you can also add an age rating to the Google Play market to block apps which may be unsuitable or inappropriate for your child. If you wish to restrict which apps your child can use on the device this is also possible. The video below explains how you can do each of these things. You must use your own judgement as to how you wish to approach the devices at home. Our advice is to encourage safe and responsible use first and only use filters when you feel they are necessary. It is entirely your decision how you approach this.

What next for the galaxy tablets?

Next year we intend to open the scheme up to the new year 7. All courses taught in the junior learning village will therefore expect to have students in each lesson with access to galaxy tablets and will plan accordingly to take advantage of this great technology. As a group of teachers we are becoming more and more aware of how these devices can be utilised and you can expect to see use of the devices in lessons increase between this year and next.