Cathy Cassidy’s perfect ending to her book tour at CLV

Best-selling author Cathy Cassidy visited CLV last week as part of the promotional tour for her latest book, Sami’s Silver Lining. Cathy talked about the inspiration behind her books and her writing process – which involves a lot of daydreaming! Cathy also showed students how she uses mood boards to collect her ideas for new stories and characters. It was pictures in the news of families fleeing violence in their own countries which inspired Cathy to write her latest book, which tells the story of a young Syrian boy who lost his parents and sister as they tried to make the perilous crossing to Europe.

Cathy Cassidy talking about her book

After a very moving reading from the new book Cathy urged students to consider what they could do to raise awareness of the refugee crisis or to raise funds, before signing copies of her books in the Biome. The signing queue was one of the longest ever seen at CLV with many of our y7 girls taking the opportunity to stock up on some perfect holiday reading and staying to talk to Cathy long after the final bell of the day. Many of the titles brought along by Blackwell’s Books sold out!

We were delighted that y5/6 girls from Hareside and Shanklea Primary Schools were also able to join us for such an exciting afternoon.

Cathy Cassidy talking about her book

Cathy herself was thrilled with the event, calling it “a perfect ending to a lovely tour”.

Thanks to Authors Aloud for a fantastic opportunity.

Cathy Cassidy signing books for our students