Year 7 class given Master Class status by Accelerated Reader

In the last week of the school year we were thrilled to learn that English class 7SM had been awarded Master Class status by Accelerated Reader in recognition of their excellent reading throughout the year. A class aiming for Master Class status has to achieve amazing Accelerated Reader results for a period of at least 25 weeks. This is demonstrated by fulfilling a set of research-based criteria to ensure students make the maximum possible  progress with their reading.

100% of students take part in the challenge, all students read for a minimum of 25 minutes every day and over 90% of the class average must above 85% in their quizzing – no mean feat!

Mrs Heslop presenting the award to a year 7 student

Obviously, these very strict criteria mean that Master Class status is not something that every school can achieve. Last year only 55 schools achieved Master Class status out of the 5,500 schools which use the program nationally. That means that 7SM are in the top 1% of Accelerated Reader user schools in the country!

The success of 7SM is very well deserved. Students have set themselves consistently challenging reading targets, made careful book choices, recommended books to each other, enjoyed books as a class and surprised themselves with what they have been capable of. Aiming for Master Class created a real buzz about reading in the classroom with students staying in over breaks and lunchtimes to complete extra quizzes. It is no coincidence that the end of year test results for this class showed they had made more progress than any other class in the JLV and almost twice as much progress as we would have expected.  

Mr Clark and a year 7 student receiving a certificate

Master Classes receive a bag of goodies from Accelerated Reader for each student in the class, the class teacher receives a prize and the Headteacher receives a letter of commendation and certificate. The school also now features on the Accelerated Reader Honour Roll. In addition, 7SM enjoyed a pizza party on the final day of the school year!

Master Class has created a massive impact in the JLV. Next year all the classes will be competing to see if they can equal the achievement of 7SM. Another good reason to keep reading over the summer…

Year 7 class in a group holding their certificates