Our Virtual Learning Environment is based on Frog. It is how our teachers push interactive resources out to our students and how they both access lesson plans.

Our Frog Learn VLE

All students, teachers, support staff and parents have access to their personalised portal both inside school and at home. Using Frog, everyone can see information relevant to them. Students and parents can view:

  • their timetable
  • attendance and punctuality
  • home learning
  • school notices
  • cashless catering data
  • reward points

In short, the VLE provides access to all the personalised information available.


Our VLE provides a secure social networking environment, allowing students to communicate with each other and teachers. Student can upload profile pictures, set their status and send messages to each other. The system offers administration access to aid a safe experience online. This internal system gives students a chance to understand social networking without being visible to the wider world.

Frog mail is an internal emailing system, which gives all students email access. They can send messages to their classmates and communicate with teachers.

Student and teacher logins come with a Dashboard, which allows them to personalise their homepage. We have provided a few games and other activities for outside lessons. These widgets can be dragged onto their dashboards in almost any configuration.

All students and teachers (and support staff) have access to their work through the My Drives page (located in My Work). This resource has proven to be a very handy access when files are needed from home.

You can find additional information about:

  • calendars
  • uniform
  • meals
  • useful software
  • e-safety
  • careers

… and much more.