At Cramlington we use ParentMail to manage payments for school meals and other expenses such as trips.

What does ParentMail do?

  • enables payment of school meals and other items such as trips
  • offers a highly secure payment site
  • gives a history of all the payments made
  • allows a single account login across all children that attend a ParentMail school
  • shows all items available for payment relevant for each child
  • offers the ability to set automated email/SMS payment reminders.

All new starters will be sent an activation email/letter to set up an account.

For more information contact the Finance Office at

Visit The Parent Mail Website

ParentMail FAQs

I have not received login details

Links have now been sent out to all parents, if you still haven’t received one, you should email so we can check we have the correct email address for you

I have only received a link for one child

ParentMail asks for information on one of your children just to verify you initially. Once you register for one, all of the children attending CLV should be on your account. If they are not all listed once logged in, please email with details of which child is not showing and we will link them to you

I cannot see Dinner Top Up or a trip I want to pay for

To see Dinner Top Up you should click on Accounts once logged in. For other items such as trips or revision guides, you should click on the Payments section. If you think one is missing, please email so we can check why your child has not been assigned to the item

My email registration is addressed to my child’s other parent

If we only have one email address listed for both parents, only one will be able to sign up for an account with that email address. If you wish to set up another account, please send details of the second email address to and we will create an additional account

Can I still pay for items via ParentPay?

As we have changed fully to ParentMail, no payment should now be made through the old system ParentPay. These systems are both designed to connect parents to the till system, which has not changed. Therefore, any balance remaining before we changed over, is now shown via the new system, but has not been changed in any way