Careers Programme – For Teachers

Working Together to achieve the benchmark

All staff at CLV need to work together to achieve Gatsby Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers

To achieve this benchmark, the following should be evident across departments:

  • Subject teachers should highlight the relevance of their subject for a wide range of future career paths.
  • Subject teachers should make subjects more relatable and relevant to everyday and working life. Real-life contexts and examples from the world of work can make subjects easier to understand and help students feel more engaged in their learning.
  • Subject teachers should work to challenge and raise aspirations after school
  • Subject teachers should help students develop employability skills.

How can we embed careers learning in subject lessons?

  • Set an activity in a “world of work”
  • Make reference to career paths that would use the skills/knowledge from a lesson or activity.
  • Who are your subject alumni? What career paths have they followed after CLV?
  • Wall displays – do you show where your subject can take students?
  • If you are doing a skills based exercise such as problem solving, presenting etc, refer to where this may be applicable in a related workplace.
  • Make the most of any external input– can you give a talk from a guest speaker or a visit off site a “careers twist”?
  • Contact our Enterprise Advisor who is keen to increase involvement with CLV.

Useful Sources

Generic resources to support a range of subjects can be found below:

 National Careers Service Job Profiles:

  • Icould- Free access to over 1000 personal video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips, insight and advice and Labour Market Information:
  • ​​​​​​​ All About Careers – A careers site highlighting job profiles, updates on job sectors, career matching tool and featured employer links
  • Examples of how subject teachers have utilised the opportunities with local employers to enhance their existing curriculum and subject matter:

Subject specific resources can be accessed on google drive, click here to view the resources.

Staff CPD

If you missed our CPD session on Careers across the curriculum in January 2020 or just want to refresh your memory of the content, you can access the presentation here