Welcome to E-Learning at Cramlington Learning Village.  Here at Cramlington we pride ourselves on effective use of technology for learning.  We use technology to engage students in their learning, to enhance what we do and to support students where appropriate.  Everything we do with technology has teaching and learning at it’s heart.  We look first at what we want to achieve and then see how technology might support with this.

Our school employs a team of web designers to support with our use of technology across the school.  We run a 1:1 chromebook scheme in partnership with our parents and the Elearning Foundation. Aside from the ICT you would expect in a school we are lucky enough to have some innovative ICT tools such as a hologram students can ask questions of, a 3D screen, a green screen studio and immersive physical spaces.  Our school is one of only six Elearning champion schools, one of only seven Google Lighthouse schools and was the lead school for the UK in an innovative EUN creative classroom project.

The video to the side provides a full overview of E-Learning at the school.

Our vision and strategy

We revisit our E-Learning strategy regularly.  Our current strategy is informed by the following statement of vision which looks closely at what we want to use technology for and what this might look like in reality.

Our initial E-Learning vision

Our vision above led to our identifying the following as eight areas in which to use technology.

Strategy table

Of course using technology is not without it’s challenges.  We use the following two tools to help us to introduce technologies and to evaluate their impact.

Introducing New Technologies (from the prior work of Becta).  This image illustrates how we approach the introduction of new technologies to ensure they are successfully used and embedded:

New technologies table

Future Labs Innovative Use of Technology Model.  This model helps us to evaluate where we are in terms of technological maturity across our organisation.

Innovation maturity model

Digital Leaders

Our dedicated year 8 digital leaders have their own online blog.  You can keep up to date with all things Digital here.

Visit the digital leaders blog