Our Virtual Learning Environment is based on Frog.  It includes loads of tools which support students, staff and parents.
It would be challenging to list everything that our VLE provides so here are a few highlights:

For students:

  • Timetable
  • Link to all lessons and resources
  • Learning toolkits – thinking, literacy and numeracy
  • Online planner
  • Online homework
  • Notices
  • Advice on everything from Esafety to school dinners!
  • Online access to all work
  • Single sign on to Google Apps and specifically chosen online tools
  • Protected email
  • Class blog for every lesson
  • Revision material and videos
  • Online rewards
  • Educational games
  • Extra curricular spaces
  • Personal learning plans

Frog VLE screenshot

For staff:

  • Online collaborative lesson planning
  • Associated resources
  • All appropriate data to help them to understand each individual student they work with
  • Relevant policies and training materials
  • Teacher Toolkit (shared lesson ideas, videos and case studies)
  • My classes – a suite of easy to access tools to support any lesson
  • Online quality assurance
  • Behaviour Tracker
  • And much more

Frog VLE Screenshot

For parents:

  • Their child’s timetable
  • Useful information about the school
  • Their child’s review data, rewards, attendance, etc.
  • Their child’s personal learning plan
  • Advice and information on everything from school uniform to esafety
  • Contact details for all staff

Frog VLE Screenshot