Recognising and acknowledging achievements are an important part of the culture at CLV.  Achievement points (or House points) are also awarded to students based on our key aims:

A school built on RESPECT creating: resilient learners, expert readers, knowledge explorers and responsible citizens


Resilient Learners – pupils receive House points for their attendance, engagement in Challenge Wednesday (Year 7 only) and teachers award points for resilience and effort in class.

Expert Readers – teachers award House points for effort and progress in reading using the reading log to monitor the number of words and books read as well as the number of quizzes passed. 

Special prizes and points are awarded for ‘Word Millionaires’ .

Knowledge Explorers – teachers award House points for effort and progress in lessons, including quality of work and home learning.

Responsible Citizens  – teachers award House points where students demonstrate responsible attitudes in lessons, or during social times.

There are a number of other ways in which we engage our students and recognise their achievements:

Students of the Week – these are nominated by teaching staff each week and recognise where a student has made an exceptional effort or outstanding progress.  Parents and students receive an electronic notification with a certificate and often an attachment with the work produced from the teacher.

Student Firsts  – one of our most popular awards.  Staff award when a student has achieved or completed something for the very first time.  This might be an academic award or recognises an achievement in their personal life which makes us equally proud in school.  

Gold Standard Awards – each term we award pupils who have worked consistently to produce top quality standard work in each subject area.  Students are awarded a certificate in Assembly and receive House Points too.

House System

In Year 7 and 8 we introduced a House system.  Each student is assigned to a House based on their Home Group.  There are four Houses.

House Badges

Each half term there are a series of challenges, activities and competitions to engage students and get them involved in a friendly way to build our school community.  

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