E-Safety @ CLV

Welcome to esafety at Cramlington Learning Village. The Internet is a fantastic tool which provides access to a wealth of information, services and resources. There are of course dangers too. At CLV we are extremely positive about the advantages the Internet can provide. We do everything we can in school to keep our students safe online and to help everyone to understand how to use technology responsibly.

We ensure that:

  • All members of our community receive regular esafety training
  • All members of our community understand the dangers they can face online, how to protect themselves and what to do if there is a problem
  • How to keep personal information and confidential data secure
  • All of our young people are protected in school through the use of our systems, security and filtering
  • All members of our community understand how to conduct themselves appropriately online and respect others
  • Robust policies around the issue of esafety are in place, regularly reviewed and shared as appropriate

Educating our students

We educate our students in the following ways:

  • Regular assemblies (at least two per year group)
  • Video assemblies
  • Safer Internet week
  • Wellbeing days
  • ICT and Google Project lessons
  • Esafety competitions
  • Regular notices
  • Student awards through Childnet’s Digital Leaders course
  • Our ICT Cabinet meetings
  • Our VLE content

We ensure that staff are fully informed and educated through:

  • Whole staff training (at least twice per year)
  • Sharing and explaining of key policies
  • Regular email updates and reminders
  • Staff briefing reminders
  • Our VLE content

We help our parents to understand esafety issues via:

  • Open evenings
  • Parents in Partnership meetings
  • Articles in our school magazines
  • Letters to parents
  • Our Esafety section on our school VLE’s parental portal

Reporting Abuse

For Advice, help or to report abuse please click the button below to visit CEOP.

CEOP button - click to report abuse