Pastoral Care, Guidance & Support

We want to create an outstanding climate for learning. We want our young people to feel happy, cared for and well supported so that they are able to flourish in the classroom. We have therefore put in place a system of pastoral care that is proactive in its approach to provide the support and guidance that our students deserve. Our pastoral team is made up of both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Each student is given personal attention through their Learning Guide who acts as an advocate for the child by supporting their individual needs and aspirations. Learning Guides build strong relationships with parents and carers as they travel the whole school journey from year 7 to year 11 with the student and are the first point of contact for parents with the school.

Students see their Learning Guide every morning and they quickly develop a strong relationship with your child and will be the adult who knows them best in school.

Each year group is led by a Learning Manager who coordinates the role of the Learning Guide. Learning Managers have an overview of the progress made by all students in that year group and provide additional support packages for students when necessary.

Students in each year group are also supported by a Pastoral Coordinator. Pastoral Coordinators do not teach and are available to deal immediately with issues as they arise.

Pastoral Coordinators get to know their year group very well and will work with individuals or groups who need additional support and guidance at particular times in the day.