Careers Programme – For Employers

CLV ensures that all pupils have encounters with employers and employees each year to enable a better understanding of the workplace and the potential career paths open to them. We ensure that the overwhelming majority of students have at least one meaningful encounter with an employer every year they are at the school, with most having significantly more than this.  As a bare minimum, students will engage with employers/employees at the opportunities identified below.

Year Group Encounters
Year 7 Organisations invited in as part of the PSHE/Wellbeing programme throughout the year to host assemblies with the year group around career paths and opportunities in their industry.
Year 8 Futures Day 1 – taking place in April/May. Focusing on personal finance and initial career ideas.
Year 9 Futures Day 2 – taking place In January/February. Focusing on careers exploration (building on the careers ideas from day one) and engaging with a range of employers and employees at the futures fair.
Year 10 Futures Day 3 – taking place in June/July. Focusing on employability skills, exploring careers within sectors of interest identified on day two, and creating CVs so they are workplace ready.
Year 11 Year 11 will focus on careers and next steps as part of their PSHE/ Wellbeing programme.
Year 12 Futures Programme – all students will participate in the ESH employability programme, engaging with employers/employees from 5 varied industries across the year. Students will be offered the opportunity to attend master classes in a range of industries and will complete a workplace visit with a business in June.

Year 12 will also attend the Futures fair in January/February.

Year 13 Futures Programme – all students will be invited to a Futures fair in January/February to engage with a range of employers, universities and apprenticeship providers.

We would welcome interest from any organisations who are interested in becoming involved with our careers programme. This could be through:

  • Attendance at our futures fair
  • Guest speaking in an assembly about their industry and associated career paths
  • Running workshops/masterclasses with smaller groups of students with a specific interest.
  • Hosting a group of students on a workplace visit.

Please contact Craig Baxter ( to discuss further.