Teaching and Learning Model

At Cramlington we have a well established model of teaching and learning which informs all our lesson planning and drives CPD throughout the school.

Teaching & Learning Cycle

A six part lesson planning cycle around which all lessons are planned. This is derived from Alistair Smith’s Accelerated learning cycle and is built upon what we know about effective learning, for example, all new learning is built upon what the learner already knows/understands hence “connect the learning” is the first part of the cycle.

The cycle is further underpinned by the following principles which will inform the nature of activities in lessons and how learning takes place.

Students (and teachers) are beginning to make use of web technology for example to set up e portfolios or collaborate in blogs and wikis Accelerated Learning which builds upon what we know about effective learning.

For example, people learn in different ways, learning is most effective when learners are challenged in a safe manner and that consideration is given to the context and the content of the lesson.  Teachers plan lessons so that students are taught vocabulary to describe their thinking, reflect on thinking, engage in activities designed to make them think, and are introduced to a number of thinking tools to sort and organise information or to plan and evaluate a process.

Assessment for learning where students are encouraged to be active in their own assessment and to take part in setting and defining success criteria. Feedback from teachers/students informs the next learning steps.

Teachers manage learning by (outer ring) personalising learning, modelling good learning behaviours, and by engaging in learning conversations.