Curriculum Structure

At Cramlington our students follow a two week cycle consisting of one hour lessons running across a five period day.

Curriculum Subjects

You can view how our curriculum supports our students throughout their time at Cramlington Learning Village by viewing our subject breakdown .  This lists what students are learning in all subject areas from KS3 onwards on a term by term basis.

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Curriculum Structure

Year 7/8/9 KS3 Curriculum Structure

Our KS3 curriculum offers a broad selection of subjects that equip our students for their journey onto GCSEs and beyond. As well as a strong core curriculum we also offer students new ways of learning. In years 7 and 8, students study Create which covers Music, Media and Drama, allowing students to stretch their imaginations and apply their creativity in new ways. In year 9, students study Computing, which develops various ICT skills including programming. At KS3 students also study Secure where they can experience new areas of learning, such as cookery or Spanish; or catch up on areas in which they are weaker; and for our more able students to take on additional challenges.

Subject Yr7 No. of Periods Yr8 No. of Periods Yr9 No. of Periods
Art 3 3 3
Computing n/a n/a 3
Core PE 3 3 3
Create 3 3 n/a
English 8 8 7
French 4 4 4
Geography/RS 3 3 4
History/RS 3 3 4
Mathematics 8 8 7
PSHE 2 2 n/a
Reading 1 1 n/a
Science 6 6 7
Secure 4 4 3
Technology n/a n/a 3

Year 10/11 KS4 Curriculum Structure

In year 10 students begin their GCSEs. Their KS4 curriculum consists of core subjects (English, Maths, Science and Core PE) plus four option subjects they have chosen to study from a wide range we have on offer. This curriculum continues into year 11.


Subject No. of Periods
Core PE  3
English  8
Mathematics  8
Science  9
Art and Design 5
Biology 5
Business Studies 5
Chemistry 5
Combined Science 5
Computer Science 5
Construction and GCSE Resistant Materials 5
Drama 5
Food Preparation and Nutrition 5
French 5
Geography 5
Graphics 5
Health and Social Care 5
History 5
Media 5
Music 5
PE 5
Photography 5
Physics 5
Product Design 5
Religious Studies 5
Spanish 5
Travel and Tourism 5

Year 12/13 KS5 Curriculum Structure

In year 12 students begin their KS5 curriculum. This consists of options they have chosen, that suits their career path, from the wide range of courses that we offer. Their timetable consists of timetabled lessons, independent learning and private study.

N.b If students are required to resit their English and/or Mathematics GCSE their timetable periods for their other courses will be 7 periods per cycle. If they are not required to resit their timetabled courses will be 8 periods per cycle.

Subject No. of Periods
Resits (if applicable)
English GCSE 5
Mathematics GCSE 5
Level 3 Courses
Applied Science 7/8
Creative Media Production 7/8
Health and Social Care 7/8
Sport 7/8
A Level Courses
Art 7/8
Biology 7/8
Business 7/8
Chemistry 7/8
Computer Science 7/8
English Language 7/8
English Literature 7/8
French 7/8
Geography 7/8
Government and Politics 7/8
History 7/8
Mathematics 7/8
Further Mathematics 7/8
Performing Arts 7/8
Physical Education 7/8
Physics 7/8
Product Design 7/8
Psychology 7/8
Sociology 7/8
Spanish 7/8