The Learning Village

Cramlington Learning Village is divided into three distinct areas. The Junior Learning Village (JLV) for years 7 and 8, the Senior Learning Village (SLV) for years 9 to 11 and the Advanced Learning Village (ALV) for years 12 and 13.

Junior Learning Village

The JLV is a state-of-the-art school building for the C21. It is based on the latest in educational thinking, with facilities ranging from an open-plan Science Plaza to classrooms designed to provide students with ICT equipment in comfortable, spacious surroundings. All Year 7 students are given the opportunity to opt into our mobile device scheme. Those who opt in will be given a fully insured Chromebook. This will allow flexible use of technology in the classroom and at home.

All the classrooms are situated off the central ‘Street’, a large covered outdoor space where students can congregate to socialise at breaks and lunchtime. Other facilities include TV and music studios, an animation centre and a high-tech performance space. At the end of the Street is the Biome which is the school’s own mini-Eden project, complete with trees and plants, which will be studied and tended by students as part of their Science lessons.

Senior Learning Village

We have state-of-the art science labs with the latest ICT equipment. All our classrooms have interactive whiteboards with PCs for student use. There are large social areas for students, which offer somewhere to be warm, dry and comfortable during breaks and lunchtimes as well as giving them the opportunity to access the Internet or our VLE on one of the many computers available.

In our Learning Resource Centre students are encouraged to read widely for pleasure and can borrow from an excellent range of resources. Online databases and a large collection of books and journals are available to help with independent research. Our Librarian can help students find the information they need for their home learning and encourage them to think for themselves.

Advanced Learning Village

Students in the Advanced Learning Village have access to their own Independent Learning Centre (ILC) which used for independent learning. The centre is supervised by our ILC mentor and  is well equipped with access to computer workstations and revision library. Our Advance Learning Village also has a Social Centre equipped with comfy seating, study areas and kitchen. It is ran by the leadership team who organise not only the day-to-day running but also key student and community events.

For more information about our Advanced Learning Village and sixth form visit our sixth form site.

In addition to our Learning Villages we also have access to the Sporting Club, a state-of-the-art sports facility.  Facilities include two sports halls, a gym fitted with the latest equipment and a dance studio. Outside is a floodlit 3G Astroturf pitch and hard court areas for tennis and netball. All students have access to this splendid resource during the school day.