Every school has a Governing Body. The key role of the Governing Body is to act as the ‘critical friend’ to the school, supporting our self-evaluation work, questioning the evidence base with us and supporting how we respond. Therefore, as a team, Governors are responsible to parents, the Department for Education and the wider community, making sure the school provides a good quality education and promotes high standards of educational achievement.

One way you can get involved with your child’s education is by becoming a parent governor. As full members of the Governing Body your task is to represent parents’ viewpoints in the Governing Body’s work. Although there are no financial rewards from being a parent governor you can achieve personal satisfaction from performing an important public service. It also enables you to build effective and valuable relationships with many of the school’s partners.

Members of A GOVERNING Body Include:

  • parents elected by other parents with children at the school
  • the head teacher, if the head teacher chooses to be
  • staff members (teachers and support staff)
  • people chosen by governors from the local community
  • representatives from a church, charitable trust or business interests

The role involves:

  • representing parents’ and pupils’ viewpoints regarding school strategies and practices
  • voting in key decisions (including the appointment of new staff to the school)
  • keeping in touch with general views of parents; and
  • acting as a sounding board for the local authority when it wants to get a feel for whether parents are likely to welcome or reject a particular proposal.

For advice on how to become a parent governor or check details of any vacant posts coming up please contact the learning village on 01670 712311 or email