6th Formers defend their title at the 2014 Management Game!

246.JPGThis year the Games took place at Your Homes Newcastle Development Centre and two teams were entered from our 6th Form. The games are designed for our students to sample the scope, complexity and impact of financial management in the public sector. Fourteen of our Year 13 Business students attended the games and went head to head with 3 other schools in the area. Throughout the day they faced several challenging tasks and interruptions, they had to produce reports, letters, presentations, with limited time available to them and often with `actors` shouting at them for results! Both teams demonstrated excellent team work, leadership, management and organisational skills and their hard work really paid off as they were awarded both 1st and 2nd place! The organisers said if there was an award for the smartest dressed then they would have won that as well! A big well done to the following students for all their commitment, hard work and awesome style!… O Bell, S Wintersgill, B Law, S Bradshaw, P Bannister, H Vacher, R Dennis, B Trundley, J Malone, D Glymond, C Joisce, L Judd, J Lowes and J Hogg.