Whole Staff CPD

CPD - Whole Staff inset session

CPD – Whole Staff inset session

Whole staff inset – Wed pm slots

The teaching and learning sessions which take place on Wednesday pm focus on deepening staff understanding of learning and whole school issues which have been identified. The majority of T&L sessions are planned to be ‘experiential’ and very hands on, where facilitators ‘model’ strategies for staff working in smaller (max 25) cross-curricular groups.

Wednesday time is allocated for departments to follow up these sessions within their subject context and then incorporate ideas within collaborative planning time. View an example of our Inset Programme.

Whole staff inset – Teacher Days

In October, we have a 2½ day Teaching and Learning Conference bespoke to our staff and their needs. This is a time for us to fully emerge ourselves in T&L. The conference includes a keynote speaker, ‘Core Thursday’ sessions common to all and a ‘Choice Friday’ which allows for more personalisation. View an example of our Teaching and Learning Conference Programme.

Professional Enquiry Groups

During our Wednesday pm schedule we have allocated time to Professional Enquiry. All teaching staff will join an enquiry group of their choice and follow this interest for the whole year. Staff will undertake their own classroom based action research projects and share their findings with whole staff via The Muse and showcases (scheduled later in the year).

The Observational Classroom

We now have the software and the classroom spaces which allow us to record and observe lessons without causing disruption to lessons. The observational classroom lets staff ‘see what it looks like’ in practice and allows for more specific coaching. The technology is being trialled initially with the NQT+1 group but is available for any member of staff to use. View our iRIS case study.