Cramlington Learning Village gains the Wellbeing Award for Schools

Our school has always considered emotional development and well-being as an important part of school life. We want to embed a culture that values the happiness and emotional welfare of all our pupils and staff. We understand that mental health and emotional wellbeing is the responsibility of all its community. Our staff and governors, parents and pupils and partner organisations want to work together to show our commitment to promoting wellbeing as part of day to day school life. We wanted to develop a strategy for improving the wellbeing of our community in order for us to provide a more holistic approach to education in school.

For the last two years we have been working towards the Well Being Award for Schools (WAS). WAS has helped us to Strengthen our PSHE schemes of work,  improve communication about mental health and wellbeing to parents and staff , reflect on the whole school culture of the school in relation to wellbeing (Responsible citizens) and improve Staff wellbeing.

We have recently completed our WAS verification and are pleased to announce we have received the Welbeing Award for Schools.

WAS - Wellbeing Award For Schools 2020-2023




We would like to thank all of our staff, students (including our leadership team – pictured below) and parents who took part in the verification day and spoke with our assessor, who spoke highly of our school and the positive steps we are taking to promote emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Image of our School Leadership Team