Kev F Sutherland visits CLV for a comic book masterclass with Y7 & 8

Kev F Sutherland, discussing how to design a comic with students

Kev F Sutherland, a brilliant comic book artist who has worked for publications including the Beano, Dr Who Adventures and Marvel, visited the JLV to unleash the creative skills of some of our y7 and y8 students. 

We started by exploring some of the comics Kev has created, then learnt how to draw characters like Bart Simpson and the Hulk using just letters and circles!  As part of the masterclasses, each student had to invent their own comic book character and learn the basics of comic book design and layout.  Students then had the opportunity to work directly with Kev on their individual story strips.  In just 2 hours, the students produced a comic containing each of their individual stories!   Kev also drew a caricature of each student to take home and every student received a signed copy of Kev’s latest book, a comic introduction to the Shakespeare play, Richard the Third.   

Student drawing on a whiteboard

Meeting the famous artist behind some of their favourite comics proved to be inspirational for our students and a fun way to find out about different kinds of art and reading.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with students discovering drawing and writing skills they never knew they had!   We can’t wait to welcome Kev back to the JLV to share his enthusiasm for comic books with more of our students.