Students take part in the 12 challenges of December

12 Challenges of December logoOver the coming weeks students in the JLV have been set 12 challenges ranging from reading to sports, attendance and community support.  Students will be working together as a Home Group team to meet the challenges as we head toward the end of term.  The challenges are time limited starting on Monday 30th November and will last until the end of term.

There are a range of challenges to meet the strengths of each group and opportunities for students to volunteer for challenges that suit their talents and interests.  Points are allocated for each challenge and rewards and prizes will be awarded . The attendance challenge will take into account any periods of isolation for pupils.

The 12 challenges are:

  • Best Home Group attendance for December – This will be the average attendance for each Home Group between 30/11 and 15/12.
  • Most reward points for a Home Group – We will measure the reward points from each Home Group between 30/11 and 15/12.
  • Progress in Reading – This will be a measure of a combination of quizzes passed and words read as a collective Home Group effort.
  • Maths Challenge  – Between 7th December and 11th December, students will be able to attempt a Maths Challenge. This is based on a Brain Training programme. Students can attempt this multiple times in order to improve their score. 
  • Science Challenge – Each Home Group will participate in a Science Challenge set by Mrs Smeaton, Head of KS3 Science.
  • Art Challenge – Students can opt to participate in the Art Challenge. Any student who wants to participate needs to design and make a decoration for the JLV Tree. 
  • PE Challenge – PE will be running a Home Group tournament in PE lessons during the penultimate week of term. 
  • Food Bank Challenge – Each Home Group will bring in and donate items to make a hamper to donate to the local Food Bank. If you are able to donate we suggest that your child chooses one item from the list.
  • Drop of Joy – Students are being encouraged to spread kindness around the JLV. Home Groups are going to collectively decide a kindness strategy. This might be all opening doors or sending notes of positivity to each other. 
  • Anti-bullying Badge / Poster – During anti-bullying week, students were tasked with designing an anti-bullying badge. These will be judged and the winning badge will win points for the Home Group and have their design made into a poster to be displayed around the school. 
  • Community Challenge – We are looking for Home Groups to give something back to the wider community. This might be making cards to send to the local care homes or gifting old books to primary schools.
  • Self Care Challenge  – We are asking students to share how they have been looking after themselves and their own mental health. This might be a walk in the woods, some mindfulness colouring or even some yoga. Learning Guides will collate this information.