Learning Manager Contacts


Head of JLV: Mr D Clark

Email: dclark@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Learning Manager of Year 7: Miss N Sateri

Email: nsateri@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Learning Manager of Year 8: Mr P Steanson

Email: psteanson@cramlingtonlv.co.uk


Head of SLV: Mr J Bird

Email: jbird@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Learning Manager of Year 9: Miss C Pendlebury

Email: cpendlebury@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Learning Manager of Year 10: Mr D Paterson

Email: dpaterson@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Learning Manager of Year 11: Mr T Brown

Email: tbrown@cramlingtonlv.co.uk


Head of ALV: Ms K Irving

Email: kirving@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Learning Managers of Year 12 &  Year 13: Miss H Teasdale & Mrs J Anderson

Email: hteasdale@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Email: Jen.Anderson@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

General Enquiries

Main reception Tel: 01670 712311

email: admin@cramlingtonlv.co.uk

Headteacher: Mrs W Heslop

Senior Deputy Head: Mr A Reeman