Y7 catch-up premium 2015/16

Students and catch-up premium

  • Students on roll (2015/16) year 7 – 350
  • Number of students eligible for catch-up premium – 31
  • Total amount of Catch-Up Premium (indicative) – £15,500

How we will use the catch-up premium

The following interventions, resources and activities are being implemented through the catch-up premium funding.


We work to remove barriers to learning for our catch up students through a Y7 Secure literacy programme in the first term. This programme involves guided writing, supported reading and spelling/phonics as appropriate and is delivered by English teachers. Part of the allotted catch-up funding has been used to employ a part time 1:2:1 English Intervention Coach. The students on the intervention programme receive approximately 10 hours of 1:1 tuition across the year. Pupils follow a personalised programme that is designed around their individual needs based on diagnostic reading and grammar tests taken at the beginning and end of their programme, alongside guidance from each pupil’s teacher.  Furthermore, we have used some of the funding to utilise the Lexia literacy programme which uses adaptive assessment to tailor support for individual students.


An intensive catch up maths programme is offered to identified catch-up students. These students are given 10 hours of 1:1 Maths tuition, taken in the form of two half hour sessions per week.

Smaller class sizes in the lower set classes in year 7 also help to provide the extra support and attention these students benefit from.

A ‘Passport Maths’ programme is run with National Numeracy for our catch up students. This is an intensive programme around building confidence and skills in mathematics. The programme will be delivered as part of our Y7 Secure programme.    Funding in 2016-17 will allow the introduction of the Successmaker programme which provides individualised practice and assessment of progress in numeracy skills.

Holiday Catch-Up Literacy/Numeracy Programmes

A Summer School ran in July for our catch-up premium students and was followed up in each subsequent holiday – October, February and May half-term.

Summer School:

The Summer School focused on providing opportunities to support students to develop their basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as to develop confidence ahead of their transition to secondary school.  Teachers worked with Newcastle United Foundation staff on maths and literacy based activities.  Students took part in a mock press conference and wrote newspaper articles.  Another literacy activity was based around small animal care, students created fact files on an animal of their choice. Students gained confidence and felt better prepared for the transition to a new school. Teachers were able to identify the needs of students and target further interventions in September.

Impact of Catch up funding

  • 33 students were eligible for catch up funding from Sept 2015/16
  • 18 of the 33 students were below L4 in both English and Maths at KS2 upon entry to CLV.
  • 8 of the 33 students were below L4 in Maths only.
  • 7 of the 33 students were below L4 in English only.


By July 2016 29 of the 33 students had attained L4+ in English (88%) and 20 had attained L4+ in Maths (60%). 19 students had attained L4+ in both English and Maths by July 2016 (58%).


By July 2016 25 students (75%) had made expected or better progress from their Key Stage 2 starting points in Maths and 25 students (75%) had made expected or better progress in English.