Health Survey

fruitOur school has agreed to participate in a very important Health Behaviour Survey this will support the work of Public Health and Children’s Services within the Local Authority and we stand to benefit substantially through our participation in the survey. Participating in the work and using the results will help us ensure we continue to provide a health promoting environment for all young people.

Each questionnaire is anonymous and confidential and no pupil will be identified when the data is returned to our school.

We hope you will agree with us that this is an exercise in which we wish to co-operate fully. We will assume you approve unless we hear otherwise (please contact Mrs Clay, for further information or to remove your child from the survey) and we look forward to working with parents in planning improved health promotion for our pupils. We hold a copy of the questionnaire in main reception and there is also a copy on line should you wish to look at it. If you would like further information do not hesitate to contact myself or your child’s Learning Manager.

Full details of the questionnaire can be found in this letter, click here to view the letter.